Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tamarereti make the star

Jun 15, 2016 12:28:27 PM.jpg
The taniwha lives in a lake. In the darkest night the taniwha always come  out of the lake to eat the people if they came near him then he will eat him. Tamarereti went fishing for some fish because he was hungry. Then Tamarereti fell asleep and the wind blew his waka to the other side of the lake. He woke up and hop out of his waka and he was still hungry so he cooked his fish.  

Then Tamarereti found some glistening pebbles and put the pebbles into his waka and threw the pebbles into the sky. So the taniwha doesn't come to eat the people so there can be some light Tamarereti arrived home safely and fell asleep. Ranginui was happy because there was light for them. Ranginui told Tamarereti the sky is more safe and now the sky is beautiful and the land happy.